Anderson backs Stuart Broad

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Anderson backs Stuart Broad

Anderson backs Stuart Broad

6 July 2022

Author 77baji

England fast bowler Stuart Broad set another record in history for his poor bowling. Though the batsmen are different, the opponent is India again. Broad was the most expensive bowler in limited-overs cricket with 36 runs in one over against Yuvraj Singh in the T20s.

This time, the English fast bowler has conceded 35 runs in one over against India's Test captain Jasprit Bumrah. Which is the highest run spent in the history of Test cricket. However, even at such a bad moment for Broad, English legend pacer James Anderson gave protection to him.

Broad has been trolled in the cricket field for making such a bad over against a tail end batsman. But what happened to Broad that he was beaten in such a way by Bumrah with bat? Broad's teammate Anderson explained this. This swing master thinks that Broad had to see such a day because of bad luck. ''These things can happen, he said. 'In any other day, these becomes top-edged. And if that was the case, no one would have talked about this over. ''

He added: ''I think it's unfortunate. There have been many top edges. There were also a few good shots. But Ben (Stokes) tells Brody to bowl according to that plan. Brody obeyed. If luck had supported Stuart any other day, it would have been Edged.''

Anderson also said that it is often more difficult to bowl against lower-order batsmen to top-order batsmen. He said, ''Honestly, sometimes it's easy to bowl against the top-order. I remember a few balls made to Siraj. Tried to send two balls off the field, again in the next ball he defended carefully. It is difficult to find rhythm against such a batsman. You just have to be self-motivated that your best will make them out. ''