Lucknow Super Giants captain donates to save the life of a young aspiring cricketer

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Lucknow Super Giants captain donates to save the life of a young aspiring cricketer

Lucknow Super Giants captain donates to save the life of a young aspiring cricketer

24 February 2022

Author 77baji

Varad, an 11-year-old hopeful cricketer who needed an urgent bone marrow transplant (BMT) to treat a rare blood disease, was rescued by Indian opener KL Rahul, who was recently named captain of the new IPL side Lucknow Super Giants (LSG).

Rahul generously donated 31 lakh of the required 35 lakh for the operation. Varad was operated on thanks to the star batter, and he is now recovering.

Varad's parents, insurance agent Sachin Nalawade and housewife Swapna Jha, launched a fundraising campaign on GiveIndia in December to raise the 35 lakh they expected to cover for their son's surgery. As soon as Rahul's team learned about Varad and the fundraising, they contacted the person-in-charge.

After being diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare blood ailment, the fifth-grader has been under the care of haematologists at Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital since September. Varad's blood platelet counts were exceedingly low, leaving his immune system vulnerable to infection. Even a simple fever could take months to heal. The boy’s illness could only be completely healed with a bone marrow transplant.

Varad's father exhausted all his financial resources to pay for Varad's rising medical expenditures in order to keep his son alive. To cheer Varad up and offer the eager young player some positivity, he purchased his son a nice cricket bat for his 11th birthday.

Rahul commented that when he learned of Varad's condition, he immediately contacted GiveIndia to see what they could do to assist him. He is happy to hear that the operation went well and that Varad is doing well. He hopes Varad gets back on his feet as soon as possible and achieves his goals. He added that he hopes his contribution encourages more people to step forward and assist those in need.

Varad's mother, Swapna, expressed her gratitude to Rahul for saving her son's life. She told the media that they are grateful to KL Rahul for his kind donation for Varad's operation. It is almost a miracle for them to complete the bone marrow transplant in such a narrow timeframe. She thanks Rahul very much for his kindness.

Varad's family had no idea that a member of Team India would come to his aid. The 11-year-old frequently mentions his desire to play for his country when he grows up. He now has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the cricketer who saved his life.