Robi Shastri is the reason for Kohli's lack of form!

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Robi Shastri is the reason for Kohli's lack of form!

Robi Shastri is the reason for Kohli's lack of form!

29 June 2022

Author 77baji

In 2017, the BCCI, the governing body of Indian cricket, controversially removed former captain Anil Kumble from the post of coach. Kumble was then replaced by former Indian cricketer and popular commentator Ravi Shastri. There have been several successes in Indian cricket under Shastri. However, one of India's most successful coaches does not fall into the category of coaches. That is what former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has demanded. According to him, Shastri is great as a commentator.

Despite winning two Test series in Australia, winning the 2017 Champions Trophy and playing in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup, Latif is not satisfied with these statistics. He also explained the reason for not. According to him, the Indian Cricket Board has made a mistake by controversially removing Kumble, and today they have to pay compensation.

Latif said, ''You put someone like Kumble aside and brought Ravi Shastri. I don't know if he had that ability. But he is a commentator. He is not supposed to come to coaching! ''

Under Shastri, Virat was in a great mood. The bat also had a fountain of runs. However, this cricketer has been suffering from run drought since the end of 2019. Latif, however, did not fully disclose the relationship of Shastri with this.

The former Pakistan captain thinks that the decision to appoint Shastri as coach has now become for India as a boomerang. Latif said, ''I think there are many people, including Virat Kohli, behind making Shastri a coach. But it has become a boomerang. Isn't that so? If Shastri was not the coach, Kohli would not be formless like this. ''