Women Big Bash League star Ash Barty’s retirement shook everyone

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Women Big Bash League star Ash Barty’s retirement shook everyone

Women Big Bash League star Ash Barty’s retirement shook everyone

7 Apirl2022

Author 77baji

Ash Barty's return to cricket would be welcomed by Australia's World Cup-winning cricketers – but only on Ash Barty's terms.

Barty stunned the tennis world when she announced her retirement from the sport a fortnight ago, hanging up her racket as the sport's top player. Meg Lanning's New Zealand team, many of whom played with or against Barty during her time in the Women's Big Bash League(WBBL), were among those shocked.

Lanning commented that she was taken aback and she believes they all were. She said that they didn’t expect someone who is dominating to call time when things are going so well. It is a very bold decision.

During a break from tennis as a teenager, Barty spent a season with the Brisbane Heat, where she struggled to cope with the intense rigours of life on tour.

Her best innings of 39 came against Lanning's Melbourne Stars, when she was bowled by England's Nat Sciver – two players who will compete in the World Cup final in Christchurch on Sunday.

Lanning praised Barty's approach both then and now.

Lanning said that if Barty wants to come back and try cricket again, she remarked, they would absolutely be delighted in discussing things with her. She said that Barty was really good at it the last time she played. She appears to be gifted in almost every area of her life. Let's see how things go.

Barty the golfer, who plays off a handicap of five, won the ladies category at her local club Brookwater, near Ipswich, last weekend, demonstrating her unusual abilities.

Ellyse Perry, who, like Barty, has performed at an elite level in two sports, praised Barty's capacity to make her own choices.

Perry commented that there is a reasonable assumption that one will play for a long time and try to go as long as one can. That is the usual. Barty actually prefers to deviate from the norm and do what is right for her, which is admirable.

If Barty wanted to restart a competitive sport career, Perry suggested it was critical that she stay on her own path.

She added that it appears that golf has a greater chance than cricket. It would be wonderful for Barty to be allowed to do whatever she wants. There is a lot of speculation about what sport she'll play next or what she'll do. Hopefully, she will be able to discover this for herself and carry out her plans.