Shaheer Sheikh gets married to Ruchikaa Kapoor | CRIC10

Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh gets married to Ruchikaa Kapoor | CRIC10

Shaheer Sheikh gets married to Ruchikaa Kapoor | CRIC10

November 30, 2020

Author 77baji

2020 was a challenging year, but it gave us so many beautiful surprises as well. Recently, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke actor Shaheer Sheikh gave fans one such surprise. Yes, the television industry's most eligible bachelor is married. A few days ago, Shaheer Sheikh got married to his mother, Ruchikaa Kapoor. Because of the pandemic, they had a court marriage, and they intend to have a conventional wedding in June 2021, according to reports in the Bombay Times. After their court marriage, Shaheer and Ruchikaa flew to Jammu, which is the Mahabharat actor's home town. They had a small ceremony at Jammu's Shaheer home and another informal ceremony at Mumbai's Ruchikaa residence. In a Bombay Times interview after their wedding, Shaheer Sheikh talked about his dream girl, Ruchikaa Kapoor.

For those who are unaware, Ruchikaa is the head of Balaji's Ekta Kapoor film division. In June 2021, the pair are preparing to have a traditional wedding.

Talking about their relationship, Shaheer said how he always has to pretend to be an actor from the camera, but now he's glad that he's found someone he can be with himself. He has also said that he looks forward to his never-ending journeys with her. Talking about the same thing, Ruchikaa said they wanted to celebrate them even though they may be from very different backgrounds. And while they may make no sense to the world, to each other, they make a lot of sense. She also disclosed that it was the simplicity and modesty of Shaheer that attracted her towards him.

We are happy with this couple, and we wish them nothing but the best! To both of you, all our love and positive vibes! Congratulations, Ruchikaa and Shaheer!