Bets with Highest Odds in Craps

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Bets with Highest Odds in Craps

Bets with Highest Odds in Craps

June 10, 2021

Author 77baji

These bets are for you if you desire the most excitement. You should avoid these bets if you're a complete beginner, but we encourage them for advanced gamers and those who can manage their bankroll wisely. Because these bets have the highest odds, the house edge on these bets is generally significantly more extensive than on the low/medium odds bets.

Craps - 2 or 12
Craps - 2 or 12 is the highest paying bet at the craps table, giving out a staggering 30/1. There's a 2.8% chance you'll win. You'll have to deal with a 13.9% house edge for this wager, but the payoff is well worth it.

Craps - 3 or 11
If this bet is successful, you will receive a 15/1 payout. The house edge is 11.1%, and you have a 5.6% probability of winning. Craps - 3 to 11 has the game's second-largest payout.

Any Craps
This is a famous wager. This bet is popular among newcomers because it is related to the game's name. However, we propose that you add this bet to your strategy only when you believe yourself at an intermediate level. You have a 7/1 chance of winning and an 11.1% chance of winning. The house edge on this bet is also 11.1%.

Hardway - 6 or 8
This bet pays out 9/1 and has a house edge of 9.09%, so it's not for the faint of heart. This bet is for you if you're willing to take a considerable house edge in exchange for big craps payouts.

Hardway - 4 or 10
Betting on a hard 4 or 10 is another Hardway wager. This has a 7/1 payout and an 11.1% chance of landing. This wager has the same house edge as a bet on Any Craps, meaning you're up against an 11.1% casino edge.