Baji Verification Documents


Baji Verification Documents

Baji Verification Documents

December 21, 2020

Author 77baji

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched a detailed 2020 land survey to end land disputes, intermediaries, collaboration and make land transactions more superficial and more conflict-free.

Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy flags off the extensive land survey 2020 at the village of Takkellapadu near Jaggaiahpet of Krishna district, putting an end to land disputes, intermediaries, corruption and making land transactions more straightforward and dispute free. YSR Jagananna Shaswata Bhu Hakku/Bhu Raksa is the first mammoth land survey initiative of its kind taken by the AP Government to ensure accountability and graft with a unique identification number for each land parcel in land transactions. Starting today, a team consisting of Survey of India, Revenue, Panchayat Raj, and city administration departments will jointly survey three phases.

First time in India, a title deed for their land along with a digital map and a passbook will be issued to these landowners. Accurate revenue records for every immovable property with the exact latitude and longitude will be prepared for every new survey, using specialised instruments such as drones, Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and Rovers. After the completion of the study, a digitised cadastral map will be prepared. The plans will include all of the specifics of the land in the village.

The surveys carried out would have 4,500 teams to set up 70 base stations, which are further divided into groups consisting of the secretary and surveyors of the village and ward secretariat. It will be attended by about 14,000 surveyors, with 420 people already fully qualified. If the marking of the land is finished, survey stones will be placed. CM also instructed officials that the office of the sub-registrar will also be at the level of the village secretariat, where the digitised register of property and the register of the title will be made available.

Giving a clear message to the survey project who are causing problems, CM said that this survey is to re-organise the messy land records that have been pending for so many years. He stressed the need to defend people's and farmers' lands from invaders. After 100 years in a fool-proof way, the Land Resurvey is taken up in three stages by involving the Survey of India and appointing 16,000 surveyors. To punish fraudsters, clean land records are needed. For some time now, a lot of fake propaganda has been put on the survey by the yellow media. By setting up registration offices at the village level, we are making a progressive change. Steps have also been taken to create mobile tribunals to address land problems. Hybrid approaches, such as drones, rovers, and CORS' CM, will be taken up by the survey.