Alien Attack Keno Introduction & Game Rules

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Alien Attack Keno Introduction & Game Rules

Alien Attack Keno Introduction & Game Rules

May 31, 2021

Author 77baji

Alien Attack Keno is an action game of keno. It includes a bonus and a bonus within a bonus, all of which are based on a conflict between cows and aliens.

Rules of Alien Attack Keno

  • The foundation of the game is based on standard keno
  • For the base game, the player can choose from 3 to 10 positions.
  • The player will select two Bonus Spots from the numbers he did not choose for the regular game.
  • As in traditional keno, the game will generate 20 random numbers.
  • If less than two Bonus Spots are hit, the game is scored in the same way as traditional keno.
  • The player will play the Pick-a-Prize Bonus if both Bonus Spots are struck.
  • There is a grid of 19 icons in the Pick-a-Prize Bonus with the following distribution. Prizes are proportional to the amount wagered.

  • If the player selects an Alien Attack, the Alien Attack bonus will be played (a bonus within a bonus).
  • The player must choose three numbers to mark with cows and three digits to mark with aliens in the Alien Attack Bonus, Bonus Spots. The player selects the numbers that were previously designated as Bonus Spots.
  • As in traditional keno, the game will select 20 numbers.
  • In the Alien Attack bonus, the player will always be compensated on his essential game selection, as is customary.
  • If no cows or aliens are marked, the free spin will be treated as a regular spin.
  • If at least one alien and no cows appear in the ball draw, the aliens will kidnap one of the cows.
  • If the ball lands on at least one cow but no aliens, the player will be awarded a multiplier, which will be applied to the total game victory. When one cow is hit, the multiplier is 2x, 3x when two cows are hit, and 5x when three cows are hit.
  • If at least one cow and one alien are represented in the ball draw, a "milk battle" will begin. The cows demonstrate this by tossing milk and cheese at the intruders. The product of the number of cows and the number of alien places highlighted in the ball draw will be the number of shots fired by the cows. A random prize will be awarded for each shot fired. The following are the reward weightings, which are based on the number of cows left.

  • In addition, if the player has one or two cows, each shot fired provides a 60% chance of rescuing one of them. If the Milk Battle award was 1, the possibility of a cow rescue is 12/13. Otherwise, it is 0. Per bonus game, only one cow may be rescued. Despite what the game's presentation suggests, the cow is not rescued until the bonus game is completed. In other words, the sum at the start of the bonus game is the number of cows.
  • The bonus will continue to play until the player runs out of cows.